June 22, 2023

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević with representatives of the “Ippon” Karate Club

The Federal Minister of Culture and Sports received today in her office the representatives of Karate Club “Ippon”, competitors Nejra and Emina Sipović, and their trainer Zijad Sipović.

In addition to Minister Vlaisavljević, the Assistant Minister for Sports, Adnan Džindo, and the Head of the Minister’s Office, Anita Vlašić, participated in the meeting on behalf of the Ministry.

The representatives of the “Ippon” Club introduced Minister Vlaisavljević to the top sports results achieved by the young competitors, with a special emphasis on the gold medal won by Nejra Sipović at the European Championship for Younger Female Seniors, and the silver medal won by Emina Sipović at the European Championship for Junior Women.

Furthermore, the minister was informed about the need to amend the Regulation on Determining the Criteria for Awarding the Athletes, Sports Workers and Sports Associations from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Top Sports Results Achieved at International Competitions in the part related to evaluating and equating karate with other sports from the family of Olympic sports, whereby the Minister expressed her readiness for the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports to initiate changes to the aforementioned Regulation.

The Minister also recognized the importance of the results achieved this year, and the necessity of taking part in the upcoming competitions, and expressed her willingness to support the contestants.