January 17, 2024

Meeting at the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports: Minister Vlaisavljević wished the BiH team good luck at this year’s Venice Biennale, headed by the Commissioner Marin Ivanović

The Federal Minister of Culture and Sports, Sanja Vlaisavljević, met today at the Ministry with the Commissioner of this year’s BiH exhibition at the Venice Biennale, Marin Ivanović, after the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports that the project “Mjera mora” (Measure of the Sea) by the academic sculptor Stjepan Skoko would present Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 60th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art 2024 had been finally accepted. The meeting was attended also by Azra Lojo-Hajro, Head of the Scientific Research Department at the Institute for the Protection of Monuments.

At the very beginning of the meeting, Minister Vlaisavljević expressed her satisfaction with the fact that the BiH Council of Ministers adopted the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports and that the legitimately chosen BiH representative at this year’s Venice Biennale was the project titled “Mjera mora”. Considering all the necessary procedures, clearly defined by the Biennale Protocol, the Minister stressed that any election that would go beyond the scope of the election of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports would be a gross violation thereof.

Curator Ivanović thanked Minister Vlaisavljević for the reception, and for last year’s timely implementation of the procedure for the selection of BiH representatives at the Venice Biennale, which, as he emphasised, countries in the region had not done at that time either. Unfortunately, as he pointed out, the time until the final decision on the selection of BiH representatives, which lasted several months, was irretrievably lost, and now the primary task was to find an exhibition space that should had been resolved by now.

He emphasised that Bosnia and Herzegovina had access to the sea and exceptional beauty that should be presented to the world public, and this year’s BiH team for the Biennale would  try to find a space that would suit this year’s theme.

Minister Vlaisavljević wished luck and a successful presentation of BiH representatives at one of the most prestigious global art festivals, the Venice Biennale, and pointed out that the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports was available for all questions and support in this extremely important project for the presentation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.