January 16, 2024

Institute for the Protection of Monuments: Regular conservatory supervision of the rehabilitation, restoration and extension works of the Neretva Hotel in Mostar

The execution of the third phase of the renovation, restoration and extension of the “Neretva” hotel in Mostar is underway. The works are carried out in accordance with the project documentation “The main project of rehabilitation, restoration, extension and revitalisation of the Hotel Neretva in Mostar” (“GRUPA ARH” d.o.o. Sarajevo), the guidelines of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments and according to the expected dynamics.

The facade of the “Neretva” hotel, built in the pseudo-Moorish style, is richly decorated with numerous decorative elements that, in this phase of the works, received special attention. This entails taking prints from the original decorative elements, making molds and templates that are used to make the missing elements.

Conservatory supervision was carried out by Lamija Abdijević, an expert consultant for architectural and archaeological heritage.