April 2, 2024

Meeting in the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports: Two ministers discussed ways of improving the position of young people

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević received today the Minister of Science, Higher Education and Youth of the Canton of Sarajevo, Adna Mesihović and Assistant Minister for Youth, Mersiha Kolčaković. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, the meeting was also attended by Anita Vlašić, Advisor to the Minister.

Minister Vlaisavljević welcomed the guests from the Cantonal Ministry, pointing out that the teamwork was a key factor in making great steps forward and success stories. She also thanked Minister Mesihović and her team for having initiated the today’s meeting.

Minister Mesihović presented the work and activities of the Cantonal Ministry with a special emphasis on youth issues that were in focus of both ministries. One of today’s topics was creation and implementation of youth strategies, whereby the Cantonal Strategy had already been finished, and the Federal Strategy was in the process of creation ten years after the first initiative. Given that they had gone through the process earlier, representatives of the Cantonal Ministry offered support to their colleagues from the Federal level in the strategy-development process, and expressed hope that young people would be placed at the centre, and given the chance to show and prove their full capacities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Young people are the best resource that Bosnia and Herzegovina has and it is necessary to give them the chance to present their full potential, it was concluded at today’s constructive meeting where, through the exchange of experiences and ideas, many issues were opened that will be improved with joint steps and efforts.