April 3, 2024

Edna Šunjić, the Special Olympics gold medal winner visited the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević received today Edna Šunjić, the golden Olympian, member of the Council of Sportsmen of the European Special Olympics, who tomorrow faces a new sports challenge: a trip to the Special Olympics in Skopje.

Edna has been actively playing table-tennis, swimming and skiing, thus defying with her positive energy, persistence and fighting spirit many challenges encountered on a daily basis by people with Down syndrome.

At the meeting Edna was accompanied by her mother, Sabina Šunjić, President of the Association “Life with Down Syndrome” Sevdija Kujović and employee of the Association, Amila Džebo.

After Minister Vlaisavljević’s warm welcome, Edna spoke about her daily activities, sports, hobbies and plans. She pointed out that she was looking forward to the Olympics in Skopje. She also mentioned a great wish of hers – to get employed. Namely, Edna recently had a wonderful experience working for six months in a company where she was received warmly by the employees. As her mother pointed out, Edna herself brought a positive atmosphere to the working environment in the company.

One of topics at the meeting was a possibility of including the Special Olympics in the Regulation on Rewarding Athletes and Sports Teams from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Outstanding Sport Results, so that results, such as the gold medals of Edna Šunjić from the Special Olympics, would be adequately rewarded, and athletes would be motivated and encouraged.

The meeting was concluded with singing, and Edna’s favourite song performed on piano.

Dear Edna, good luck in North Macedonia!