May 15, 2024

The Promenade of Culture: Participants of the Accordion Department of the High School of Music from Sarajevo participated in the continued celebration of the “European Heritage Days 2024” in front of the Ministry

The Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports continued the programme of marking the “Days of European Heritage 2024” on the Promenade of Culture in front of the Ministry. Today’s guests, students of the High School of Music from Sarajevo, delighted the audience with their repertoire and excellent performances.

Students Bakir Kunić, Kerim Smajlović, Aziz Mulahasanović and Muris Kupusović, led by professors Alen Hodžić and Almir Spahić from the Accordion Department, performed the well-known works in a half-hour performance.

In addition to the musical part of the programme, the focus of this Wednesday programme was also on the educational programme “Youth and Heritage”, which makes an important segment of the “Days of European Heritage” manifestation that encourages young generations to preserve, care for and love the cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Namely, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports will provide an opportunity for elementary and high-school pupils, and from this year also for University students, to present their skills, talents and emotions that they cultivate towards tangible and intangible cultural-historical and natural heritage of our homeland through different categories. This year’s theme is “Roads, networks, connections”.

A public competition for pupils and students to participate in the “Youth and Heritage” programme was opened, and the Head of the Scientific and Research Service of the Monument Protection Institute, Azra Lojo-Hajro, explained more about the method of participation and voting: “I have the honour to inform you that the 2024 Youth and Heritage Programme Competition has been announced. Last year, we innovated the programme and all students’ works were posted on the subdomain “European Heritage Days 2023”. Visitors of the site voted for their favourites, and a total of 11,800 votes were received, on the basis of which the best ones were selected.

Like last year, all works will be posted on the Ministry’s web-site, on the new subdomain “European Heritage Days 2024″ and those interested will be able to view the works and vote for the best ones. Three works will be awarded in five categories: art, theatre, music, video and literary works, and apart from awards given on the basis of the votes of the audience, from this year, the expert jury will also choose the best”, said Lojo-Hajro.

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević also greeted the guests, and extended a special welcome to pupils and teachers of the Institute for Special Education and Child Development in Mjedenica Sarajevo, the Obala Grammar School in Sarajevo, the Hadžići High School Centre, and the entire V-3 class of the Musa Ćazim Ćatić Elementary School in Sarajevo: “Dear students and teachers, welcome! I am extremely glad to see you on the Promenade. Your friends from the Sarajevo Music School are playing an interesting repertoire today, so let’s enjoy their performances”.

The “European Heritage Days 2024” programme will be continued next Wednesday, when the guests of the Ministry will be pupils and teachers of the Elementary School Kiseljak 1 from Bilalovac who will prepare the programme and present their school.