July 6, 2023

The poetry anthology VERSschmuggel/”Krijumčarenje poezije” (Smuggling of Verses) presented today at the 8th Bookstan International Literature Festival: One of the co-authors is a long-term employee of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports Bjanka Alajbegović.

Almin Kaplan and Bjanka Alajbegović, poets from Bosnia and Herzegovina, participated, at the suggestion of the BiH PEN Center, in the 23rd Berlin Poetry Festival and in a three-day verse translation workshop at the House of Poetry, held in June 2022. Together with other poets from the region Martina Vidaić, Alena Brleka, Maša Seničić, Bojan Vasić, Jana Radičević and Nikola Ćorec, they worked on translating the poetry of the fellow poets from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The bilingual poetry anthology titled VERSschmuggel//”Krijumčarenje poezije” (Smuggling of Verses) was published by Das Wunderhorn Verlag from Heidelberg as a result of the workshop, edited by Slađana Štrunk, Aleksandar Gumc and Tomas Volfart.

The book was presented today by Adisa Bašić, Sascha Garzetti, Almin Kaplan and Bjanka Alajbegović at the 8th Bookstan International Literature Festival in Sarajevo.