May 24, 2024

The Institute for Monuments’ Protection promoted the new, 24th, issue of the yearbook “Our Antiquities”

The Institute for Monuments’ Protection promoted the new, 24th, issue of the yearbook “Our Antiquities” on Thursday, 23 May 2024 in the meeting room of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The yearbook promotion was attended by a large number of eminent experts,  engaged in the study, protection and promotion of cultural monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, colleagues from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Mostar, Commission for Monuments’ Preservation, UNESCO Office in BiH , Institute for the Protection of Cultural-Historical and Natural Heritage of the Sarajevo Canton, ICOMOS for BiH, National Museum, Public Enterprise “Pošta”, authors of articles and colleagues who earned a well-deserved retirement working at the Institute, and Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević with her assistants and advisors.

The moderator of the promotion and editor of the magazine, Dženana Šaran, informed the guests that the magazine was started way back in 1953, when the editorial team was formed by Šefik Bešlagić, Đoko Mazalić, Hamdija Kreševljaković, Juraj Neidhard, Derviš Tafro, Džemal Ćeli. Šaran also informed the audience about eminent experts produced by the Institute – Đura Basler, Smail Tihić, Alija Bejtić, Mehmed Mujezinović, Ivo Bojanovski, Marko Vega, Đoka Mazalić, Zdravko Kajmaković, Muhamed Kreševljaković, Nihad Bahtijarević, Ferhad Mulabegović, Aleksandar Ninković, Hazim Handžić, Pavle Mašić, Toni and Miro.

Members of the editorial board and employees of the Institute are proud of the fact that the magazine has been published for 70 years. They also expressed their gratitude to Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević for having recognised the importance of publishing the scientific magazine “Our Antiquities” when she overtook the Ministry.

The 24th issue of the magazine saw the light of day after nine years of not being published. The jubilee, 25th, issue has already been announced to be published in December 2024.  

The magazine was promoted on behalf of the Institute for Monuments’ Protection by the Assistant Director Azer Aličić, who put the emphasis of his presentation on the activities of the Operational and Technical Department, which he was heading. He emphasised that after the period of restoration and mostly rehabilitation of cultural and historical monuments, to which the Institute made immeasurable contribution, both through the direct involvement of professional staff and through the transfer of extremely significant and useful archival material that the Institute possessed, the Institute was entering the period of research and conservation-restoration interventions, that are certainly considered to be more appropriate for the peacetime functioning of the security profession.

He also emphasised the Institute’s close cooperation with the UNESCO Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially with Mr. Siniša Šešum, Head of the Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On behalf of the Institute for Monuments’ Protection, a review of the magazine was also given by respected colleague Amra Hadžihasanović, Master of Islamic Sciences, a colleague who was until recently employed at the Institute in the Department for Scientific and Research Work, and who took a well-deserved retirement at the beginning of the year. Hadžihasanović gave her expert review of two papers in the field of movable heritage.

Mirela Miličević-Šečić, Master of Music, Assistant Minister for Culture addressed the audience on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, informing about the activities and cooperation of the Ministry and the Institute when it came to the preservation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage, as well as the hitherto recognised intangible cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which had become a part of the world’s cultural heritage. At the end of the promotion, the editor of the magazine introduced the audience to the activities and plans of the Editorial Board for the next jubilee, 25th, issue, the promotion of which was announced for December 2024. She invited the guests to participate in the next issue with the new works on the protection and presentation of the cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.