January 30, 2024

The first night at the Sarajevo National Theatre: “Jedan je Muhammed Ali”

The representative of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, Berisa Mehović, attended on 27 January 2024 the first night of the play “Jedan je Muhammed Ali” (Muhammed Ali – One and Only) at the National Theatre of Sarajevo.

“In this play, we wanted to talk about disturbing, sentimental and melancholical topics in emotional, simple, warm, smart, ironic language. At the same time, we wanted to talk about the future that can be uncertain if we, as humans, forget to call ourselves that – human beings, respectively, if we allow this world to surrender and experience acts of insanity and civilizational collapse without fighting”, said Dino Mustafić announcing the first night.

The play by Almir Imširević was directed by Dino Mustafić.

The playwright: Vedrana Božinović, the stage and costume designer: Lejla Hodžić, the composer: Damir Imamović, the choreographer: Ena Kurtalić. video design: by Zlatan Filipović.

The main roles are played by Ermin Sijamija, Slaven Vidak, Vedrana Božinović, Dino Bajrović, Sanela Krsmanović-Bistrivoda and musician Rastko Zečević.

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