May 29, 2023

Olympic day in Visoko

The Federal Minister of Culture and Sports, Sanja Vlaisavljević, and the Assistant Minister for Sports Adnan Džindo participated today in the Ravne 2 Archaeological Park in Visoko at the Opening of the “Olympic Day 2023”, organized by the BiH Olympic Committee and the Foundation: “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun”.

The event was opened by the Vice-President of the BiH Olympic Committee, Izet Rađo. In addition to Minister Vlaisavljević, the Chairman of the Foundation, Semir Osmanagić, the Mayor of Visoko, Mirza Ganić, and the French Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christine Toudic, addressed the participants and guests.

Minister Vlaisavljević emphasised in her address that young people should look up to our Olympians and, in accordance with the Olympic Charter, follow the dignified principles of Olympism, friendship, trust, perseverance and respect.

Bh. Olympians Nedžad Husić, Elvedina Muzaferija, Emir Lokmić, Strahinja Erić and Esma Alić symbolically opened “Olympic Day” by running the honorary Olympic round with primary school students from Visoko.

More than 150 elementary school students spent a pleasant day hanging out with Olympians and practicing as many as nine different sports.