May 26, 2023

Minister Vlaisavljević with Vlado Podany: “Black-white Button” presented

Federal Minister of Culture and Sports Sanja Vlaisavljević spoke today with the famous musician and pianist Vlado Podany about his current projects of interest to the general public. They also discussed the current state of the music scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Podany specially presented to the minister his new project, the album titled “Black-white Button” with Goran Bregović’s songs, processed in a completely new way. His intention is for the project to succeed and come to life, because it shall present the songs that are part of BiH’s musical history and that should not be forgotten, and which also significantly marked the entire region.

The Minister expressed her full support for the project, saying that the Ministry of Culture and Sports should recognize valuable projects, but also save many of them from oblivion. She also expressed her hope that the “Black-white Button” project would be realized in full alignment with the author’s idea.