September 18, 2023

Minister Vlaisavljević with Minister Edin Forto and Director of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra Vedran Tuce on connecting the cultural workers and friends of culture throughout BiH

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević met on 15 September 2023 in the Ministry with the Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina Edin Forto and the Director of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, Vedran Tuce. The meeting was attended also by Damir Bunoza, Advisor to the Minister for Organization and Strategic Planning in the Field of Culture.

The Director of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, Vedran Tuce, emphasized that he was pleased with the very good cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, which “will give rise to numerous joint projects in the coming period”.

The topic of the conversation was the exchange of ideas about the possibilities of connecting cultural institutions and cultural projects from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina through joint activities, but also about the obligations of institutions at all levels, in terms of their empowerment, which ultimately brings better cultural contents and programmes that will be available to a larger audience.

The participants of today’s meeting concluded that not all citizens are able to come to the most important cultural institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but culture may come to all of them, and that is how the Ministry will be acting in the future, through numerous activities and projects, and many cultural workers and friends of culture will certainly be happy to follow, concluded Minister Vlaisavljević.