July 25, 2023

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević presented the book “You will never walk alone” by Adriana Prskalo within St. Anne’s Day in Lepenica

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević attended on Sunday, 23 July 2023, the Days of Saint Anne in Lepenica, where she presented the book “You will never walk alone” by Adriana Prskalo.

The programme started in the courtyard of the parish church in Lepenica with the play “Voices from the Past” by Leonard Valent, followed by the musical performance by the vocal group “Ad Libitum” from Novi Travnik, after which Minister Vlaisavljević took the floor and presented the book by Adriana Prskalo. “Books about football teams are usually not written by female authors. Therefore, it was quite understandable for me to accept the challenge and promote this book,” said the Minister in her opening address.

This is the second edition of the football novel that was born from the inexplicable love and passion of the author Prskalo for the English football club Liverpool, with which she grew up, matured and resisted the prejudices that football was not a sphere of interest for women.

However, the book is not only about love for a football club, but also about human values, friendship, socializing and traveling and everything that is positive, and that sport should definitely promote.

The “Saint Anne’s Day” programme continues until 30 July 2023.