May 30, 2023

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević met with the Acting Director of the National Film Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina Devleta Filipović

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević met today in her office with the Acting Director of the National Film Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Public Institute Kinoteka BiH), Devleta Filipović.

At this first meeting, Mrs. Filipović informed the Minister about the current state of this significant institution, as well as about its plans, activities, and numerous problems that the National Film Archive of BiH had been facing for years. As the important, 60th anniversary was approaching, Filipović stated that there was not much reason to celebrate, given the decision that, in addition to other problems, they had to leave the premises in which the National Film Archive of BiH had been operating since 1963. Nevertheless, as Filipović stated, the important anniversary would be celebrated with an appropriate programme to be held on 5 June 2023 in the premises of the National Film Archive of BiH. The anniversary will be marked by the screening of the film “And There was Light”, directed by Vesko Kadić, and the documentary film “With One’s Bare Hands”, directed by Hajrudin Šiba Krvavac.

Minister Vlaisavljević pointed out that it was of uttermost importance for this important institution not only to survive, but also to advance the conditions in which it had been operating and archiving the priceless film treasures. Furthermore, Minister Vlaisavljević emphasized to Mrs. Filipović, just like she did to all cultural workers she had met since having assumed the office, the importance of mutual cooperation and continuous communication. She announced that, together with her colleagues from the state and county level and all representatives of institutions of cultural importance, she will try to find long-term, systematic solutions, which are the only valid way for solving the problem permanently, and not just temporarily. For all the steps to be taken, it will be necessary to have intensive cooperation of cultural institutions and access to all the necessary materials, documentation and information that will be requested from them, which will enable a concrete insight into the real state of the institutions’ work with the aim of finding more concrete solutions, emphasized Minister Vlaisavljević.

Minister Vlaisavljević concluded at the end of today’s meeting that the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports would always be a partner to the National Film Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to all other cultural institutions – a partner for cooperation and more concrete problem-solving, in accordance with its possibilities and competences.