March 7, 2024

Meeting with representatives of the Oriental Institute of the University of Sarajevo

The Federal Minister of Culture and Sports, Sanja Vlaisavljević, met today with the Director of the Oriental Institute of the University of Sarajevo, Aladin Husić and the Archivist of the Institute, Nenad Filipović. On behalf of the Ministry, the meeting was attended also by Mirela Milićević Šečić, Assistant Minister for Culture.

In the introduction, Minister Vlaisavljević underlined the importance of the activities of the Oriental Institute, whose manuscript and archival materials represented an immeasurably important treasure of the material cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Director Husić presented the role and significance of the Oriental Institute since its foundation, and the lost valuable collections that the Institute possessed, with a brief history. They also discussed the efforts being made for the Oriental Institute to return a part of the lost material. Special attention was paid to the conditions in which this Institute worked at the moment and in which the archived material was cared for.

Minister Vlaisavljević pointed out that the priority was to ensure the protection and quality conditions of preservation of the cultural wealth of the Oriental Institute fund, in which the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports will provide its support.