June 27, 2024

Meeting of representatives of the Intercultural Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Federal Minister of Culture and Sports

Federal Minister of Culture and Sports Sanja Vlaisavljević held a meeting today with representatives of the Intercultural Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The meeting was attended by Nikola Čiča, President of the Croatian Cultural Society “Napredak”, Sanjin Kodrić, President of the Bosnian Cultural Community “Preporod”; Nazif Salčin, Secretary General of the Bosniak Cultural Community “Preporod”, Dejan Garić, President of the Board of Directors of the Serbian Educational and Cultural Society “Prosvjeta” and Elma Softić Kaunitz, Secretary General of the Jewish Cultural, Educational and Humanitarian Society “La Benevolencija”. On behalf of the Ministry, the meeting was also attended by Mirela Milićević Šečić, Assistant Minister for Culture and Sanja Arnautović, Expert Advisor for Institutions and Associations in the Field of Culture.

The meeting attendants discussed the future projects and programmes of basic cultural organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the method of their financing, and the resolution of status issues of these societies. Minister Vlaisavljević emphasized the importance of these organisations as guardians of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina and stressed that the Ministry will continue to provide support in their financing.

A common message was also sent about the importance of supporting projects that promote the cultivation of the cultural diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with full respect for diversities of each of the cultural and national identities in the country.

“Support to these organisations is necessary in order to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of all peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will continue to work on strengthening intercultural cooperation and understanding,” stressed Minister Vlaisavljević.