May 8, 2024

Manifestation “Days of European Heritage 2024″ opened at the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports: “Grga” from Posušje attracted many guests to the promenade in front of the Ministry

On 8 May 2024, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports opened the “Days of European Heritage 2024” manifestation which is this year held under the topic “Roads, Connections and Networks”. The male band “Grga” from Posušje started with its performance a series of events that are announced to be held on the promenade in front of the Ministry until mid-December. In this way, the Ministry joins the rest of Europe in focusing public attention on preservation, care and protection of cultural and historical heritage.

The “Days of European Heritage 2024” was officially opened by the Federal Minister of Culture and Sports, Sanja Vlaisavljević:

“It is a true pleasure to greet you this year again at this venue on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports. This year’s topic “Roads, Connections and Networks” really gives a symbolic value to this event. Three words, and so much symbolism! Networks – is there anything more valuable between people than being connected, primarily for the good? It is art that connects… Roads – we travel them to connect and create connections, and the connections that are created between people are something that should be unbreakable. We are here to ensure that the networks, roads and connections are something we will be recognizable by this year,” Minister Vlaisavljević said.

Advisor to the Minister for Organization and Strategic Planning in the Field of Culture, Damir Bunoza, announced this year’s programme: “This year, we will host orchestras and bands, and numerous artists from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina on the promenade. Music brings people together and the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports will do that again this year, starting with guests from the “Grga” band,” said Bunoza.

The “Grga” band was founded in 2015 as a part of the “Grga” Society, and since its establishment, it has been nurturing and promoting the culture of polyphonic a cappella singing, as well as traditional polyphonic singing accompanied by instrumental music.

Mario Landeka from the “Grga” band addressed the audience on the promenade: “We are happy that “Grga” is opening this year’s “Days of European Heritage”. There are six of us in the band, and next year we are celebrating our tenth anniversary. Today we are bringing to you some sunshine from Herzegovina. Thank you for the warm welcome and now I encourage you to sing with us.”

The aim of celebrating the “Days of European Heritage” is to affirm and present cultural heritage as an important part of the common European heritage.

The Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports joins this mission every year, and since last year in a completely different way.


Namely, as part of the ten events organised in Sarajevo and Mostar in 2023, the Ministry hosted numerous musicians, artisans, artists, athletes, sevdali, cultural and artistic societies and choirs who, all in their own way, contributed to this topic.