November 22, 2023

Institute for the Protection of Monuments: Conservatory supervision of the national monument “Nurija Pozderac House” in Cazin

Execution of works on the main reconstruction project of the Nurija Pozderac House in Cazin have been subject to regular conservatory supervision on the basis of the Expert Opinion no. 07-36-4-884-1/21 of 26 February 2021, and pursuant to legal authorisations.

The project documentation includes works on constructive consolidation, conservation and restoration of the existing condition of the building and especially necessary partial constructive interventions for the purpose of the planned rehabilitation.

The condition of the building requires more radical interventions at the basement level resulting from a damaged structural system due to deformation movements. In this regard, modern materials are used in the area of ​​the foundation and ground floor without disturbing the concept of the existing masonry structure and the constructive system of the floor and roof.