November 1, 2023

Information about the Transfer to support the Mobility of Artists

For the first time, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports launched a Transfer to support the mobility of artists.

The total amount of the funds for the Transfer (KM 100,000.00), will be distributed through a Public Call. Adult artists residing in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina can apply to the Call for projects in the field of fine arts, literature, music, theatre and stage, dance, comics, photography, film and design. The funds will be awarded for the purpose of covering the costs of transportation and accommodation within and outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With the aim of developing the art scene in less developed areas, funds will also be directed to support the creativity of young and unestablished artists in different towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Artistic projects that can receive support are exhibitions, promotions, concerts, plays, audio-visual projections and similar. In this way, connection and networking of artists with institutions, associations, foundations and other artists from the same or related fields will be achieved, as well as the presentation of new ideas, but also the development of the art scene in less developed areas.

Detailed information about this Transfer, as well as the criteria for applying to the Public Call, are available on the official website of the Ministry.