April 30, 2024

Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports: Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević and representatives of the Sarajevo Film Festival discussed the upcoming 30th edition of this prestigious film festival

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević met on 29 April 2024 with the representatives of the Sarajevo Film Festival: Festival Director, Jovan Marjanović, Administrative Director, Dževad Mujan and Head of the Press and PR Office, Andrijana Copf.

Minister Vlaisavljević welcomed the guests to the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, who then informed the Minister about the current affairs and preparations for the jubilee, 30th edition of the prestigious and unique film festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo Film Festival.

The guests pointed out that programming, creative, production and technical preparations were underway for this year’s Festival, which, in addition to Sarajevo, will also be organised in Mostar and Tuzla, while the replays of the festival program will be held in Visoko, Gradačac and Jajce.

Also, it was announced that this year, there would be more Festival locations in Sarajevo.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Vlaisavljević wished the guests a successful realisation of another Sarajevo Film Festival, a project we are all highly proud of, pointing out that the support of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports should not be missing this time either.