June 20, 2023

Celebration of the retirement of long-time employee of the Ministry, Alida Brčkalić

A reception was organised today in the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports to celebrate the retirement of the long-time employee, Alida Brčkalić. The celebration was attended by Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević and the staff of the Ministry.

The 25-year long work, effort and selfless commitment of the employee Brčkalić in the Ministry of Culture and Sports were recognized by her colleagues, but also by Minister Vlaisavljević, who has recently joined the institution. In her address at the reception, the Minister highlighted Alida’s enthusiasm and work ethics as a special virtue, which has not weakened over the years and is also an inspiration to younger colleagues, which she herself noticed immediately upon arrival to the Ministry.

Dear Alida, thank you for everything!

Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

Minister and staff of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports