June 6, 2024

Another joyful event held on the Promenade od Culture: Mixed Secondary School NORDBAT 2 from Vareš presented itself this Wednesday

Yesterday, roads, networks and connections brought the students of the Mixed High School NORDBAT 2 from Vareš, as well as the students of the Elementary School Vareš to the Promenade od Culture in front of the building of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports to show us how they nurtured and preserved our heritage.

Damir Bunoza, Adviser to the Minister, welcomed in his introductory address the hardworking and talented students of this school, as well as the hardworking teachers who inspired the young people to show interest in and to love the heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also pointed out that MSŠ NORDBAT from Vareš had been participating in the “Youth and Heritage” programme for more than ten years and had won awards at competitions.

Guests at the Promenade of Culture had yesterday an opportunity to enjoy music and songs of the young tambura players from the Tambura Orchestra from Vareš, as well as the exhibition of handicrafts and paintings by students Antonela Babić and Adna Begić. The school presentation programme was designed by the teachers of this school, Lara Brđanović and Igor Hinger, whereas the student Ajna Zukan guided us through the rich programme.

Antonele Babić, student of the 2nd class of this school won the prize for the art work “Bridge in Vareš” at last year’s “Youth and Heritage” competition. Antonela performed the pyrography technique on the Promenade of Culture, and gifted her new work, which is a symbol of the European Heritage Day, to Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević.