May 20, 2024

Wednesday on the Promenade of Culture: Pupils and teachers of Elementary School Kiseljak 1 from Bilalovac will perform in the “European Heritage Day 2024” programme



“Roads, connections and networks”

22 May 2024, 1 p.m


“Dear mom, thank you for opening the door to the world of our heritage to me! My love for history, culture and tradition has become even higher. I promise that I will protect it and try to make it grow, not only in me but also for the generations to come.” This is an extract from the literary work of Sarah Kadić, a pupil of the Kiseljak 1 Primary School in Bilalovac, for which she received an award at last year’s Youth and Heritage competition “Living Heritage”, organised by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports. Irma Đino was also awarded for her literary work, while Ajša Vrbić was awarded for her drawing titled “Mostar”.

Inspired by the words and deeds of pupils of the Primary School Kiseljak 1 from Bilalovac, we invited them to present themselves to us on Wednesday, 22 May 2024 at 1 p.m. on the open Promenade of Culture in front of the Ministry building as part of the celebration of the traditional manifestation “Days of European Heritage 2024”.

You are all cordially invited to join us and to support the participants, to develop networks of friendship and discover the beauty of European cultural heritage through musical, artistic and stage programme.