September 25, 2023

Reception: The best BiH swimmer Lana Pudar at the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports

The Federal Minister of Culture and Sports, Sanja Vlaisavljević, hosted the best BiH swimmer Lana Pudar in her Office today, after Lana achieved a great success at the World Junior Championship in Israel.

The reception was also attended by Lana’s coach, Damir Đedović, Assistant Minister for Sports, Adnan Džindo, and the Head of the Minister’s Office, Anita Vlašić.

“Our dear Lana, may all your past successes be just a tiny part of what will be written in your rich sports biography. Keep shining!”, said the Minister to Lana during today’s meeting.

Along with congratulating her for the exceptional results, Minister Vlaisavljević expressed her full support for Lana’s preparation for the new challenge – the Olympic Games Paris 2024. Lana and coach Damir informed the Minister and her team about the numerous obligations, and hard trainings awaiting them in the upcoming period.

Another topic of the meeting was the construction of one of the Ministry’s capital projects – the swimming pool in Mostar. Minister Vlaisavljević expressed the willingness of the Ministry to help to speed up the implementation of this important project, in cooperation with the City of Mostar and the Directorate for the Construction of a Cultural and Sport Centre in Mostar.