September 25, 2023

Minister Vlaisavljević meets representatives of the BiH Intercultural Council

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević and Expert Advisor for Theatre, Film and Music Mirela Milićević Šečić met on 22 September 2023 with members of the Intercultural Council, representatives of four cultural organizations of the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Jewish Cultural, Educational and Humanitarian Association “La Benevolencija”, Vladimir Andrle, President of the Board of Directors of the Serbian Educational and Cultural Association “Prosvjeta”, Dejan Garić, Vice-president of the Croatian Cultural Association “Napredak”, Josip Križanović, President of the Bosnian Cultural Association “Preporod”, Sanjin Kordić and Secretary General of “Preporod”, Nazif Salčin.

Minister Vlaisavljević opened the meeting by emphasising the importance of these associations as true safeguards of the heritage, tradition and culture of a country with such a rich history and tradition.

The representatives of the four national associations discussed the possibilities of solving their status and financing methods because only in that way will they be able to give contribution in full capacity.

Furthermore, they discussed the importance of passing a legislation on restitution that would allow the return or compensation of property, including property owned by religious groups that was nationalized or expropriated under the Communist rule.

Otherwise, according to the Conclusion adopted by the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Decree on the Promulgation of the Budget of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports gets every year the funds to be provided through the current transfers to non-profit organizations, the oldest cultural societies in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim to preserve and protect the national cultures of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This year, funds were provided to the national societies as follows:

Bosnian Cultural Association “Preporod” – KM 500,000,

Serbian Educational and Cultural Association “Prosvjeta” – KM 150,000

Jewish Cultural, Educational and Humanitarian Association “La Benevolencija”- KM 60,000

Croatian Cultural Association “Napredak” – KM 340,000.