September 19, 2023

Ministry: Agreement on Financing the Cultural and Art Society “Sejfullah” signed

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljevljević signed today in the Ministry the Agreement on Financing from intervention funds the Cultural and Art Society “Sejfullah” from Konjic. On behalf of the Society, the Agreement was signed by Benjamin Mušinović.

The Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports allocated KM 3,000 to the “Sejfullah” Ensemble for the purpose of travelling to Cairo to take part in 16th International SAMMA Festival, which will be organized from 20 to 29 September 2023.

Benjamin Mušinović thanked the Minister for the reception and the opportunity to present the work of the “Sejfulhah” choir, which will perform as a representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, alongside numerous ensembles and choirs from different parts of the world. He pointed out that this was the first time that the Ministry recognized in this way the urgency and importance of projects that, due to unforeseen circumstances, could not be realized without the support of the Ministry.

Mušinović also presented other noteworthy projects in Konjic. In the end, both parties expressed hope that this introductory meeting would be just the beginning of a successful cooperation.