July 8, 2024

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević opened the 6th “Moj Ivane” Ethno Festival in Kupres

The Federal Minister of Culture and Sports, Sanja Vlaisavljević, officially opened the 6th Ethno Festival “Moj Ivane – Kupres 2024” on Saturday, 6 July 2024. The Festival is a part of this week’s events in Kupres dedicated to preserving the traditions and customs of the Kupres region, which are held within the Strljanica manifestation – Days of Mowing in Kupres.

Eight groups from Bosnia and Herzegovina presented themselves in the large hall of the Hrvatski dom Kupres: ŽVS “Ivančice” from Kupres, KUD “Rudine” Župa Vidoši from Livno, HKUD “Rodoč” from Mostar, KUD “Stari hrast 2000” from Novi Travnik and from the Republic Croatia: Women’s klapa “Skradinka” from Skradin, KUD “Leopold” from Osijek, KUD “Salona” from Solin and KUU “Novae” from Runović.

In addition to the festival of traditional songs, an exhibition of photos of mowers, a children’s workshop, a handicraft fair and other events were held, which will end with the knightly competition of the mowers, a centuries-old tradition of the Kupres region, which was entered on the UNESCO List of Intangible Heritage of Humanity.