November 20, 2023

Institute for the Protection of Monuments: Regular maintenance – replacement of doors and windows at the Visoko Heritage Museum

Windows were created on the building of the Heritage Museum of Visoko on the basis of the detailed guidelines of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments and the creation of profile samples. The original windows dating from 1902, “box” wooden windows with single glazing are damaged and may not be repaired. Therefore, they are now being replaced with newly made ones that represent a technical replica of the original windows in terms of design and style characteristics, materials, profile dimensions and other elements, which resulted in identical proportions of the wooden profiles and glazed surfaces.

After preparing a report on the building’s energy efficiency and securing funds from the City of Visoko for the first phase of the works, which include the replacement of windows, the Director of the Museum, Ms. Đenana Ganić, asked the Institute for guidelines as well as for the supervision over the execution of works.

The original windows have been restored several times, and the ones oriented on the east side towards the Jalija Street were heavily damaged due to weathering and exposure to traffic. The optimal functioning of the building, i.e. the requirements for improving energy efficiency, was taken into account in the replacement of the windows in such a way that it is necessary for the windows to be made as a replica of the existing original windows with glazing of the outer wings with thermal insulating glass, while the internal glazing is single. The contractor is Vizija d.o.o. from Visoko, and the work on the replacement of the exterior carpentry – windows will be completed in November.

The first phase includes the repair and conservation of one position – the window, which has been kept original, and the original entrance door, which will be done according to a special project.