November 15, 2023

Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports organised welcome reception for our Golden Boy, Ismail Barlov

The Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports organised today, as a part of the “European Heritage Days 2023” programme, a reception for our great paraswimming national team member, Ismail Barlov, on the promenade in front of the Ministry building, after Ismail won the golden medal at the World Series Paraswimming Meeting, in Cairo, Egypt.

Ismail Barlov, our 12-year-old jewel, is the youngest athlete in Bosnia and Herzegovina who achieved the norm for the Olympics 2024 in Paris. At today’s reception he was greeted and congratulated by Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević:

“Our dear Ismail, it is a great honour for us to welcome you back from Egypt here at the Ministry and congratulate you on your brilliant success! This meeting today is truly special and I am convinced that, even though it is raining, the sun is shining for all of us, because you are by our side. We are not as honoured every day to have the brightest gold next to us”, said Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević, and on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports presented a gift and thanked the young swimmer for all the results he had achieved so far.

“I would like to greet everyone and thank you for the congratulations, you made me happy, I really did not expect such a reception, I am happy. I am satisfied with everything I have achieved so far, I’ve been training hard, and medals are won in training, not in competitions”, said Ismail.

The Adviser to the Minister, Damir Bunoza, also addressed the guests and spoke about the European Heritage Days 2023 programme to be held before final event on 12 December in Mostar.

Despite the rain, the gathered citizens enjoyed the performance and parade of the great Kiseljak Cheerleaders and the performance of the Mining Music from Kakanj, which had previously performed in front of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, during the celebration of the European Sports Week.