October 5, 2023

Elena Matić travels to the Sitges Film Festival for the premiere of “Romancera”

The fifteen-year-old actress Elena Matić from Derventa is travelling to the world premiere of the TV series “Romancero”, to be held on 6 October at the Sitges Film Festival.

Elena plays the main role in the series produced by Amazon Prime Video. The fact that it is screened at the prestigious fantasy and horror film festival already speaks in favour of the upcoming successes that may be expected.

Elena got the role at a big casting in which 500 girls from all over Europe took part. Her acting partners in the series are some of the biggest Spanish acting stars. Elena’s agent, Director of the Zona Talent Agency from Sarajevo, Anila Gajević will accompany Elena to the world premiere of the series.

The Sitges Film Festival has a long tradition – since 1968 it has been the oldest and largest genre festival in Europe dedicated to science fiction and horror films. So far, it has hosted some of the world’s biggest stars.

The series “Romancero” will be shown on Amazon Prime Video Espana from 3 November.