May 28, 2024

Days of European Heritage 2024: Students of the Hadžići High School Centre tomorrow on the Promenade of Culture


“Roads, Connections and Networks” 

29 May 2024 at 1 p.m

The Promenade of Culture becomes not only a journey through time, but also a space where young people encounter the heritage of their ancestors, discovering new ways of interpreting it. This interaction between the past and the younger generations strengthens our culture. Through this Promenade, young people become guardians of tradition, but at the same time creative bearers of change, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives that enrich our cultural heritage.

On Wednesday, 29 May 2024 at 1 p.m., students of the Hadžići High School Centre will be the young guardians of tradition as a part of the celebration of the traditional event “Days of European Heritage 2024” (Youth and Heritage 2024). They will meet us in front of the Ministry building and present their School through various activities, trades and occupations.

The drawing titled “Bosnian sofa” by the diligent hands of the student Ajla Karić, who was awarded at the “Youth and Heritage” contest, will have its own space on the Cultural Promenade.

You are all cordially invited to come and enrich this meeting space and support young people. Your presence is not only a contribution to the event, but also an opportunity to open new horizons, meet like-minded people and exchange ideas with people who share the love for culture and heritage.