June 12, 2024

Continuation of the “European Heritage Days” programme: A touch of tradition on the Promenade of Culture with members of the KUD “Baščaršija”

After the varied programme presented last Wednesday on the Promenade of Culture in front of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports by students and teachers of the High School of Music from Sarajevo, Elementary School “Kiseljak 1” Bilalovac, High School Centre Hadžići and Local High School Nordbat 2 from Vareš, today the “European Heritage Day 2024” programme continued with members of the Cultural and Artistic Society “Baščaršija” from Sarajevo.

At the beginning of the programme, the guests were greeted by the Federal Minister of Culture and Sports, Sanja Vlaisavljević: “KUD “Baščaršija”, an old soul with young people! 77 summers of tradition, and youth came to our Promenade… It would actually be out of place to talk about the KUD “Baščaršija” because all those who live in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina know very well how much value and significance this Cultural Society has. I want to thank all of you who are with us today, and also these great people who we all ae looking forward to see and hear. Then let the beautiful, the good, art, tradition and culture begin!” said the Minister.

KUD “Baščaršija” presented on the Promenade a part of the things that they had been faithfully preserving and keeping from oblivion for decades, having thus brought a touch of past times to the Promenade. The KUD representative and a long-time member, Iman Čoko, presented the programme, costumes and way of working of the KUD.

KUD members presented costumes, a traditional instrument called šargija, traditional songs from BiH, fragments from the choreography “Sarajevo is a wonderful place – dances and songs of the Muslim population from the Old Sarajevo”, fragments from the choreography “Dances and songs of the Orthodox population” from Sarajevsko polje”, the circle dance and songs of the Catholic population from Usora, and the choreography of the Old Bosnian Circle Dance from Glamoč.

The “Days of European Heritage” manifestation emphasizes the importance of folk creativity and folklore, culture, cultural heritage and heritage, as well as the importance of nurturing and preserving them for future generations. The KUD Baščaršija has been successfully doing this for years.