June 26, 2024

Concert “The Power of Tradition” by the Association “Bašlija” performed on the Promenade of Culture

The “European Heritage Days 2024” manifestation continued today, starting at 2:00 p.m., in front of the building of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports.

This Wednesday, the Promenade of Culture was filled with members of the Association for the Preservation of Tradition and Development of Cultural and Artistic Creativity “Bašlija” and numerous guests, who were not frustrated by the delay of the programme due to the summer rain in their wish to watch the prepared concert “The Power of Tradition” and the performances of “Bašlija’s” folklore groups of different ages.

Children’s folklore groups presented their choreographies “The Games from Vratnik”, “Bosna is Covered with a Carpet” and “Games from Teslić”, whereas the youth folklore groups performed the choreographies titled “The Sarajevo Field” and “The Oriental Games”.

The “Bašlija” members, Esma Šaran, Hena and Leila Umihanović, performed in the musical part of the programme a sevdalinka, accompanied by a live instrumental “My Rose Bloomed this Morning”. 

As the crown of today’s rich programme, a show of traditional folk costumes of the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina was presented with detailed descriptions. 

Seada Šahman masterfully led the audience through the programme. 

After the programme ended, the guests left the Promenade of Culture with smiles on their faces and mobile phones full of beautiful, colourful photos, looking forward to next Wednesday and another encounter with culture on the Promenade of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports.