July 10, 2023

Neum: Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević met with the Mayor of Neum Municipality, Dragan Jurković

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević met last weekend in Neum with the Mayor of Neum Municipality Dragan Jurković.

This was an opportunity for Mayor Jurković to inform Minister Vlaisavljević about cultural and sports events and activities in the only seaside town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially the traditional event The Summer of Neum 2023 (Neumsko ljeto 2023), which every summer offers to the citizens of Neum and numerous tourists various cultural, traditional and sports events.

Minister Vlaisavljević pointed out that she was pleased with the many cultural and sports events that attracted a large number of tourists to Neum during the summer, and wished Mayor Jurković and all citizens a successful tourist season.