December 30, 2023

Minister Vlaisavljević’s New Year’s Wishes: May BiH’s path to the European Union be without obstacles and problems!

Dear citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,

May the New Year bring you fulfilment of more of your wishes, joy and health!

Let the coming year be the year in which Bosnia and Herzegovina will be moving closer to the European Union without obstacles and unnecessary problems. The well-being of all citizens must be leading us who can contribute at least a little to speed up that journey as much as possible.

It is us who create obstacles by ourselves. Equally, it is us who remove those obstacles. The Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports will always choose to remove the obstacles for the well-being of the people of BiH in all fields that our scope of activities reaches.

Sometimes much more is done in spite of something than because of something.

That is why, we want, together with you, see Bosnia and Herzegovina rapidly moving towards the EU in the coming year! Good luck!

Sanja Vlaisavljević, Minister