April 22, 2024

Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević’s congratulated Ismail Barlov on winning the title of European champion: Our dear Ismail, Europe has been conquered, let’s move on…


Ismail Barlov, the paraswimming representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, won a gold medal at the European Senior Championship in Portugal, and on this occasion, Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević sent him a congratulatory note on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports and her personal behalf:

“Ismail, our golden boy, we congratulate you on yet another dream come true, thanks to hard work and infectious enthusiasm. Thank you for the immense pride you gave us when we saw you first at the finish line. We wish you and us, thanks to you, to feel this feeling many more times! With your persistent work, effort, sacrifices and cheerful spirit, you deserved to conquer Europe and the world. Let’s move on… Good luck to you and your hardworking team”, said Minister Vlaisavljević.