August 18, 2023

Kupres: The Ninth Folklore Seminar of BiH Croats started

The Ninth Folklore Seminar of BiH Croats, organized by the Association of Croat Amateur Cultural and Artistic Societies in BiH (UHAKUD in BiH), and sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, was opened in Kupres on Thursday, 17 August 2023.

The seminar, dealing with the topics related to folk dances, songs and customs of Croats in Herzegovina, is attended by over sixty participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia, Austria and Germany. The purpose of the seminar is to promote intangible cultural heritage by providing training in traditional dancing, traditional music and singing of the traditional form of folk singing called “ganga”.

The seminar will be closed on Sunday, 20 August, with a concert of the seminar participants, to be held in the Croatian House in Kupres, with the beginning at 19:00 o’clock. At the closing concert, the participants will present what they have learnt during the courses.

This year’s Folklore Seminar of BiH Croats is part of the international programme marking the twentieth anniversary of the UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage.