November 22, 2023

Institute for the Protection of Monuments: Working visit to Jajce

Acting according to the Decision of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs, an inspection was made of the condition of the building in Varoš, which represents an individual national monument, and which due to the lack of maintenance and use, represents also a danger to citizens and material property. The building has been out of use for a long time and therefore, the roof collapsed. Due to disturbed statics of the roof, the supporting walls fall out of verticality and tend to fall.

The “ŠIPAD Building”, a national monument, abandoned for many years, is in poor condition. The roof is collapsing and the mezzanine structures are collapsing too. The walls are made of post and pane with stone filling, where the main elements of the wooden post and pane have either disappeared over time or are in a deep stage of decay and do not fulfil their constructive role.

The collapsed formwork wall of the western rampart of the Old Town of Jajce has not yet been repaired. At the meeting with the director of the Agency, we were informed about the initiated public procurement process and that it is expected to be remedied in the near future.