March 25, 2024

In memoriam: Abdulah Sidran, a writer, poet and screenwriter passed away

The writer, poet, screenwriter, a native of Sarajevo with a residential address all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, departed this life.

Perhaps this is where all the power of his words lies.

And that strength is shaped by numerous and quite different recognitions.

His life was a word, written in one way or another About his greatest love – the written word, he once said:

“And there’s one thing, my son, and very tricky indeed: If back then we had been asked a thousand times: “Do you really want to do the literary work?” – we would have given the same reply thousand times again and again: “Yes, we want to write!” And if we – God forbid it or not – had been aware how expensive every letter would be, that it wold have to be paid for with our own skin, our own life, and that we would have to pay with our own bleeding life for every single sentence, not to mention a book, would we have given a different reply? Dario, I know you, you wouldn’t! You would have said: “Let’s do it no matter what it costs!”

We send our sincere condolences to the Sidran family.

Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports