April 5, 2024

Federal Minister of Culture and Sports Sanja Vlaisavljević attended music and stage performance “Letter from the Lašva Valley 30 years later”

The musical and stage recital to mark the 30th anniversary of the humanitarian concert “The White Way for Nova Bila and Bosna Srebrena”, held in the Sports Centre in Zagreb, was held on Thursday, 4 April 2024 in the congress hall of the “Central” Hotel in Vitez, in organisation of Matica Hrvatska Vitez.

During an emotional evening, popular songs dedicated to the Lašva Valley were sung, such as “Land of our Grandfathers”, “Don’t be Afraid, Son”, “Bosnia, My Land” from Ivo Jandrić band’s album, which was recorded in 1994 under the title “Letter from the Lašva Valley” and which, due to war and post-war happenings, had never been promoted in Vitez until last night, 30 years later.

Federal Minister of Culture and Sports Sanja Vlaisavljević congratulated the organisers on their hard work in organising this truly unique event. In a moving speech, the Minister said that Central Bosnia, beautifully described in the lyrics sung by Ivo Jandrić, had a lot to be proud of, and she called on everyone to protect wholeheartedly the land and the region that they inherited from their ancestors.

The audience was also addressed by Jakov Križanović, who emphasised the special value of the sung verses, deeply woven into the people of the Lašva Valley, and thanked Ivo Jandrić and his colleagues, who gave us the “Letter from the Lašva Valley” 30 years ago, and another evening filled with the most beautiful feelings of pride, patriotism and love for the homeland and people.