March 6, 2024

Director of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival presented a Letter of Appreciation to Minister Vlaisavljević, and announced the 16th Youth Film Festival

Federal Minister of Culture and Sports Sanja Vlaisavljević received in the Ministry the Director of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival, Kenan Musić. The meeting was attended on behalf of the Ministry also by Mirela Milićević Šečić, Assistant Minister for Culture.

Musić expressed his gratitude to Minister Vlaisavljević for the excellent cooperation in the previous period, and presented her with the Letter of Appreciation for “the selfless support and continuous dedication of the Ministry to development of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival”.

On this occasion, Musić announced the 16th Sarajevo Youth Film Festival to be held in July this year, when almost 25,000 visitors are expected during eight Festival days. He also announced organisation of the 3rd OFF Pro Film Market, at which 15 film projects in development will be presented.

Furthermore, Musić also informed the Minister about the plan to organise, in cooperation with several regional festivals, an international film festival in September this year, on the island of Hvar.