March 5, 2024

Amra Hadžihasanović retired from the Institute for the Protection of Monuments after long-term service

A farewell reception was organised in the MInistry on the occasion of retirement of a long-time employee of the Institute for the Prote4ction of Monuments at the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, Amra Hadžihasanović. The reception was attended by Minister Sanja Vlaisavljević and all staff-members of the Institute and the Ministry.

Amra Hadžihasanović, expert advisor for the protection of movable and intangible cultural and historical heritage at the Institute for the Protection of Monuments, ends her career after almost 30 years of hard and dedicated work , to continue with a more peaceful life stage.

Dear Amra, thank you for the decades-long contribution to the work of the Ministry and the Institute for the Protection of Monuments! We wish you to enjoy your well-deserved retirement!